The Last Gig

It’s a heartfelt cardboard tribute to the very punk life on the road, created by Dario “Dr. Pepper” Maggiore and developed by DOMM Factory for you.

The Last Gig is a modern board game with that ’80s flavor: you’ll roll dice to travel on your band’s van, you’ll collect cards along the way to boost your crew and you’ll try to be the fastest and coolest band to complete your Tour!

The Last Gig is easy to learn, and it’s perfect for a chill evening with your friends and your kids!

In The Last Gig, you’ll feel the vibes you had when times were easier, rolling dice and spinning plastic wheels with your childhood pals… But with a modern look at the game design!

 You can play the game casually with your friends, or build a solid strategy to be the smartest and quickest band to complete your tour!

The Last Gig is a game designed by rock lovers for rock lovers. Each card is inspired by the highs and lows of the life on tour of every ragtag band trying to enjoy its time on tour.

You’ll find unexpected encounters, horrific food, awesome people cheering or booing you on stage, and real-life Venues and Festivals to rock your music!

FEATURED BANDS: Danko Jones, Nashville Pussy, Rocket From The Crypt, Giuda, The Manges, Derozer, Extrema, Enforcer, Bull Brigade, Ufomammut, Talco, Night Demon, The Peawees, Strength Approach, La Crisi, Lags, Cayman The Animal, The Cleopatras, Tytus, Viboras, Radio Days, The Gluts and many more…

FEATURED FESTIVALS: Sbam!, Punkrock Holiday, Punk Rock Raudno, Bayfest, Venezia Hardcore Fest, Solo Macello, Punk Rock Mentality, Distruggi la Bassa, Lobotomy Fest, Questa รจ Roma, The Last Resort, This is my fest, Frantic Fest and many more…


  • 1 Game Board
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 1 twelve-sided die
  • 4 van boards
  • 4 “Gain Booster” boxes with a wooden knob
  • 4 “Tour Point” discs
  • 1 plastic arrow spinner
  • 4 Van meeples
  • 80 cardboard picks
  • more than 300 playing cards

THE LAST GIG – Teaser Trailer Feat. Danko Jones


A selection by Dr.Pepper (Domm Factory, La Crisi)

Featuring: Fugazi, Bluetip, Girls Against Boys, At The Drive In, Guzzard and more…

A selection by Mayo (The Manges, La Crisi)

Featuring: Hot Snakes, Black Flag, Gang Green, Jesus Lizard, Obits, Boston Strangler and more…

A selection by Mark Simonhell (Tytus, Upset Noise, Gonzales, Eu’s Arse)

Featuring: Enforcer, Haunt, Night Demon, Thunderor, Fortress, Sumerlands and more…

A selection by Warholss (Youtuber and content creator)

Featuring: The Chats, The Slurmies, Short Straps, Normy, You Big Idiot and more…

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